About us

Eaglesky Technology Co., Ltd. ,founded by renowned Chinese aviation technology experts in 2011, has gathered a large number of outstanding talents who focus on the design and R&D of unmanned aerial vehicles and core systems. After years of development, it has become a technology-leading private enterprise. The company's core technical team is China's first private technical team with high-end unmanned aircraft development capabilities and it has rich R&D experience and possesses professional skills covering the main technical fields involved in aircraft R&D, and is well versed in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles and key technologies. Meanwhile, it also possesses redundancy Flight Control Technology with independent intellectual property rights which can ensure the safety of flight and advanced cockpit design capabilities, etc.. The company's core technical team has participated in the development of multiple models of aircraft, and obtained the certification of AS9100D quality management system. 

The main business of the company includes:Research &development, production, sales and service of unmanned aircraft; Research &development, production and sales of high-security flight control products and aeronautical products; Provides application solutions and services, customization of high-security flight control systems Service, customization of serialized ground station service; undertakes aerospace project pre-research in the field of Unmanned aircraft.

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